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Members of the Club heard three great speakers at Sunday’s event. Each organization has a different take on how to make a difference in politics. The Brady Campaign focuses on lobbying for sensible gun laws. Sister District focuses on local elections all over the country to stop Republican gerrymandering which would impact future national politics. Swing Left matches local Democrats with the closest swing district – in our case Congressman Denham. Look for links below with more information.            

(left) Program Committee Chair and host (with Rich Klein) Kathy Klein welcomed guests.

(right) Jill Thomas spoke for Sister District. She and Terri Train are the District Captains for the CA Peninsula. For more information, visit www.sisterdistrict.com — with Terri Train in El Granada, California


(left) Shikha Hamilton is the National Organizing Manager for the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence.www.bradycampaign.org 

(right) Scott Carlson is the CA10 Events Coordinator. The Republican Congressman in the district, Jeff Denham, won in 2016 by 3 points, even though Clinton beat Trump by 2.5 points. He is very conservative, and volunteers are working hard to improve turnout by every means possible. For more information, go to https://swingleft.org/


(top left) Meg Fried and Mary welcomed guests

(top right) Barbara Lohman, Nancy Marsh and Ric Lohman enjoyed the usual Dems happy hour with snacks and wine.

(bottom) These beautiful ladies are Rita Lynes, Paulette Eisen, Joanne Rokosky, and Ellen Petterson.

Mar 28

Activist Workshop on April 15th! Now with the Brady Campaign!


Mar 28

Join fellow Dems for Happy Hour!

Mar 28


You’re Invited to the

— Saturday, April 7th in Redwood City 

If you’re like me and many other Clean Money supporters, you’re thrilled we passed theCalifornia DISCLOSE Act to lead the nation again Big Money — and you’re ready for more!  That’s why I and other volunteers are busy organizing the April 7thClean Money Grassroots Summit on our new bills attacking Big Money.  You’re invited to attend!

WHAT:    Clean Money Grassroots Summit
WHEN:   Saturday, April 7th, 9:00am-4:30pm.  
Light breakfast, full lunch. 2 work sessions.
WHERE:  Redwood City.  Handicapped-accessible.
COST:    Free.  Lunch $10, but no one turned away.  Details on registration page.  Sponsor donations appreciated!

CARPOOLING from anywhere with enough rides.  Please request or offer a ride on the registration page.

We’re making this an inspiring and helpful event for grassroots volunteers of all experience levels.  Come see Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin, author of our soon-to-be announced AB 2188, theSocial Media DISCLOSE Act, and of the victorious California DISCLOSE Act (AB 249).  We’ll also hear from AB 249 coauthors Senators Jerry Hill and Scott Wiener and Assemblymember Marc Berman, along with former Assemblymember Sally Lieber, who is on the California Clean Money Action Fund board of directors.

Hear from and work with our Clean Money volunteer leaders and activists from all over Northern California like me, Suzy Arnett, Craig Dunkerley, David Schmidt, Shirley Shelangoski,and more.  This is also an opportunity to meet and interact with Trent Lange, President and Executive Director of the California Clean Money Campaign.

Learn from an activist’s perspective about our Petition Disclosure Act (SB 651) andSocial Media DISCLOSE Act (AB 2188), along with our new campaign to help make vote counting more secure and transparent with publicly owned open-source paper ballot voting systems to replace the secret software corporate voting machines used today.

Please join me and other volunteers to plan the full-scale grassroots campaigns pass them all!

Yes!  I’d like to see details and register for the summit or donate to help sponsor it!

I can’t make it, but I’d like to donate $3 or $28 to help the campaign.

I know I speak for all Clean Money activists and volunteer leaders when I say we’d love to see you there — and for you join us planning & working on our winning 2018 campaigns!

Register Now!

Mar 16


The Club is happy to share the information about this event with the members. The Club has not made any endorsements as yet.

Mar 12


Mar 08


San Diego, February 23-25


Brigid O’Farrell, SMCDCC Delegate, District 3

San Mateo County’s delegates joined over 2,800 fellow Democrats in San Diego to discuss issues, listen to candidates, approve the platform, plan to flip red Congressional Districts blue, and endorse candidates–or not. Endorsements were the heart of convention activities with some surprises.  Democratic ideals, experience, inclusion, and winning were all under discussion. The SMCDCC lunch was also great fun! Coastsiders included Brigid O’Farrell, TJ Glauthier, Brent Turner, and Sabrina Brennan.

Senator Jeff Merkley, D-OR speaks to the convention

While no candidate was endorsed for Governor Gavin Newsom was top vote getter (39%), followed by John Chiang (30%) and Delaine Easton (20%).  The surprise was Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles who is only slightly behind Newsom in the latest state-wide poll, received only 9% of the delegate vote.

In the race for US Senate, not only did long-term incumbent Diane Feinstein not receive the endorsement, but President Pro-Tem of the State Senate Kevin de Leon received more votes, 54% to 37%. In state-wide polls, however, Feinstein leads de Leon by 30% and has far more campaign contributions.  Both candidates were actively seeking votes at caucuses and in the hallways.

For Lt. Governor again no endorsement.  State Senator Ed Hernandez received 42% of the vote while Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis made a strong challenge with 41%.  Ambassador Jeff Bleich had just 9%. For a complete list of endorsements see:


The over-all theme of the convention honored African American political leaders in Cal

Delores Huerta, UFCW, Working People’s Day of Action

ifornia at the general sessions and in the caucuses, where I learn the most. The Labor Caucus honored the 50th anniversary of the sanitation workers’ strike in Memphis where the Reverend Martin Luther King was assassinated. We heard more about the Janus v. AFSCME case which was argued before the US Supreme Court the following Monday. A “right-to-work” ruling for public sector unions across the country will further weaken unions in our democracy. On Saturday, many on the convention floor were encouraged to follow Delores Huerta, iconic labor leader from the United Farm Workers, to the Working People’s Day of Action held just outside the convention.

The Women’s Caucus had a slide presentation of African American women political leaders and both Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee spoke to the convention.  There were updates on the NARAL Pro-Choice CA activities and the “We Said Enough” campaign against sexual harassment in Sacramento:  https://www.wesaidenough.com/home.

The convention was live-streamed and Chair Eric Bauman and his team are continuing to make changes to have the convention and CA Democrats working more effectively in the 21st century.

SMCDCC members gather for lunch

Mar 04

Join your friends to watch this inspiring movie!

Feb 20

An Announcement from the Board

The Board of the Coastside Democratic Club has accepted Bill Kehoe’s resignation as president of the Club. We very much appreciate all the hard work and dedication he has shown through the years to making the Club a success. We wish him the best for the future.

Feb 04

Fun with friends at Dems Happy Hour

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